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Lotus Temple is a proposal for the temple at Burning Man 2023. 

If chosen, One Future Arts would be the fiscal sponsor.

Lead artist Roger Carr with co-lead Lawrence Grown and architectural team of Luke Wilson, Ricardo Gil, Barrak Darweesh, and Usha Seejarim, along with an extensive team of construction professionals and Burning Man temple builders. 

All spiritual paths lead to the Lotus Temple


Inspired by the Baha’i Lotus Temple in Delhi India and the New Caledonia Cultural Center, The Lotus Temple proposal for Burning Man 2023 proposes to physically build the virtual temple of 2021, an inhabitable ten-petaled lotus sculpture built of woven members. Like Baha’i temples there is no given dogma or spirituality-visitors bring their own wisdom and vision of their own journey. The ten entrances represent that all visitors and spiritual paths are welcome.

The Lotus Temple will be a beautiful lotus shaped inhabitable sculpture of wood and bamboo. Every aspect is designed to promote personal spiritual practice, meditation, memorial offerings, and celebration. Our five guiding principles are beauty, spirituality, sustainability, diversity, and fun.

The Lotus Temple takes the shape of a lotus blossom, with 10 large inner “petals”, 5 medium alcove petals, and 5 entrance portico petals. The porticos mark the main entrance points. The inner petals form a porous dome with a central oculus open to the sky. Each is inhabitable at the ground level. Through the five remaining gaps between inner petals the alcoves welcome visitors to their more intimate spaces. 


The 10 large petals represent the 10 Principles of Burning Man, as well as symbolically welcoming people from all corners of the Earth and of any and all spiritual paths. The lotus is a well recognized symbol of spirituality and peace. 


All ground level lattice is intended to be covered with memorials.


Structural lumber trusswork frames are sheathed with bamboo slat lattice “splits” which are dense near the ground, and more open toward the sky. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material as it is rapidly renewable, strong and light. Lattice work creates a complex visual texture and breathability. Softwood inserts allow for easy attachment to the walls.


A large centerpiece sculpture of a lotus blossom sits on an altar base. The sculpture is by acclaimed international Burning Man artist Usha Seejarim.


Lotus Temple is surrounded by a bamboo fence about 120 feet out, with lotus shaped entrance arches. The perimeter is meant to be a filter for bicycles but not people. The temple and the fence will be illuminated at night.


Lotus Temple would be a beautiful spiritual space, built with sustainable materials and minimal fuel use, including a diversity of artists from underrepresented groups, and providing a fun and rewarding experience for the crew building it.

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